Sanctuary for Humanity



Paper Revolution is social origami, much like paper – the society in which we life is as we make of it. Together, we can fold the corners to create something new – something better. It is our hopes to continue to unite individuals to instill humanity and human dignity into the world once again. We will accomplish this by raising awareness, educating individuals to become self-actualized and proactive within their local communities, and by creating innovative ideas as a global collective.


Some of our collective initiatives are already in action. Our collective has participated and provided support to actions such as Occupy Wall Street along with other regional occupations along with the March Against Monsanto and the March Against Corruption. Our collective has also attended and supported many other events and initiatives covering an array of important issues. Together we can identify the root causes of all of the social justice issues that we face and consider the remedies to heal our global community.


After countless discussions, forums, and other events we have come to a consensus that our global society is in need of a drastic overhaul. We have collectively lost the benevolence that humanity once offered in exchange for our own personal comforts. When we examine the philosophical and psychological possibilities as to why many have turned away from being a collective part of the societies which we dwell within, we find that throughout history we have been manipulated into various forms of systematic governances that do not necessarily stand for the actual will or freed of the people that live within each systematic structure.


The struggles against the systematic approaches that have taken grasp of society have come with the cost of countless lives lost and communities destroyed. It seems that even though many systems were formed to protect those that dwell within their borders, many of these systems were either built to fail or have been intentionally corrupted to create a form of hierarchy to protect those who the system recognizes as ‘the elite’. Whether or not the system’s original intention was to accurately and effectively serve the people within it, with the advances within technology, it would be counterproductive to continue to reform these systems that have become corrupted. Once a system has been corrupted it should be noted that the integrity of that system has been lost – completely. It is also important to note that the systems of modern society have been based off of theories, philosophies, and structures that date back hundreds of years. While it is important to learn from the previous models that have been used throughout history, it is just as equally important to innovate and use our newer capabilities as a modern society to achieve sanctuary for humanity.


Throughout this page you will become fully introduced to Paper Revolution and the plan to create ‘Sanctuary for Humanity’. If we stand united as a global community there is a chance that we can instill a new system into the world that will accurately reflect the needs of the people while creating a better and more just global society for all. Together, as we enlighten ourselves and educate others, we can bring forth social change without having to work within or justify the continuance of being within a system that aggressively oppresses or ignores others – beyond borders or the systems of others.


Satellite Sanctuaries To Restore Humanity


A satellite sanctuary will be a mobile educational hub, consisting of an area to distribute information along with a sheltered space to host events, teach-ins, and retreats. These satellite sanctuaries will be used to fulfill a diverse range of purposes, for instance, in the event of a massive need for mutual aid, satellite sanctuaries can mobilize to provide relief.


To continue providing to the revolution, the satellite sanctuaries will also be able to provide refuge and safety to direct actions and other diverse groups throughout their tours. Satellite sanctuaries can effectively be used to provide support for blockade events, large marches, occupations, and other types of tactical protests. The satellite sanctuary teams will be equipped and have individuals along to provide alternative-media support along with street-aid, and other resources.

The Paper Revolution Sanctuary for Humanity


Intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, personal and cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution. Our overall goal is to create a culture of individuals that remain engaged and connected with both their local and global communities.


Our primary focus will be upon the creation of a ‘Sanctuary For Humanity’ in order to provide a physical space for collective members to live. We will also invite other existing intentional communities to use the same innovative tools that we will be using in order to continue create sanctuaries globally.


Sanctuaries will not only implement the newer innovations that we introduce, but they will also incorporate other well known practices to sustainably provide for the needs of those that live both in and near a sanctuary. We want to help support the communities around each sanctuary by educating individuals to be self-actualized, sustainable individuals.


Eventually, we will introduce neighboring communities to our direct-democracy based system and advocate for our neighbors to become a part of Paper Revolution’s sanctuary project. As we group together we will work to build up the resources and relationships needed to make a community a success, while establishing the foundations of what will become the Paper Revolution Sanctuary for Humanity.


Throughout discussion we have realized that much of the corruption that has been caused within the systems that exist today stems from the involvement of representatives within those systems. While there is no way to ensure that representatives or authoritarians remain incorruptible, a solution to this would be to remove our current representative and authoritarian-based governances. This does not necessarily mean that we abolish ‘democracy’ as we know it, but rather, that we revolutionize it and innovate ‘democracy’ with the foundation s of a more direct form of democracy. Collectively, we can literally delete the elite.


How Is This Possible?

We hope to promote or otherwise bring forward an operating system choice which can be installed or dual-booted from any device by any individual upon earth. This operating system will allow for individuals and participating sanctuaries to connect with one another through a basic open-sourced operating system (in the likeness of Ubuntu) which would include applications and other open-sourced software to allow for individual involvement within a global system. Effectively we will eliminate corruption and inequality by creating a new economy using technology that already exists while continuing to create new programs which will effectively suit the purpose of our needs. Through an open-sourced, community project that is available within the global public domain we will be able to allow for complete project transparency.


The use of such a program will allow for individuals to better understand and secure their own computers while using currently known applications allowing for open-sourced programs to be continuously developed, introduced, and implemented in order to create new forms of online and operating system securities. Such measures would not only protect those dwelling within sanctuaries, but also those who participate from a satellite sanctuary or individually.


A Simple Operating System For A Complex World

The basic structure of the operating system would appear in-line with current operating systems such as those available on Windows and Mac computers. We prefer to use a linux-based distribution which would be modified to suit the purpose fo providing the relevant applications needed to create a unique global operating system and network. The operating system will be able to be installed upon most machines allowing for individuals from anywhere to quickly be brought within our operating system structure and incorporate their communities into the sanctuary system. Our operating system will also come with basic applications such as word-processors, spreadsheets, and more pre-installed software so as to provide a standard machine for individuals to use to organize, educate, or inspire.


With various – yet specific applications, we can then work on transforming our current representative-based governing systems into more transparent and less corruptible open-sourced, community-based and oriented applications which will better serve humanity. While the operating system will provide for a base to run applications upon, we’ll work to standardize applications which hole the potential to create a new ‘representative-free, consensus-based governmental system’. These projects will be leaderless and are to be developed in order to help better dictate the needs of sanctuary life, in order to allow for self-governance.


Global Applications For A New Way


-The Privacy Pack

Individuals have a right to personal privacy and should know the programs that are available to help them secure their communications. We advocate for an individual’s right to privacy, therefore we are working to compile and will work to incorporate programs such as Tor and other tools into our future operating system in order to keep communications via network and computers encrypted and secured.


-A New Voting Platform

There have been various successful tests of direct e-democracy systems that effectively eliminate the need for representatives and better reflect an accurate expression of those who participate within a voting system. A primary focus of building sanctuary for humanity will be to recreate a voting platform in this order. Such systems would be coded by a community of individuals who would be dedicated to keeping an open-sourced system operating which allows for both transparency and innovation for those who wish to use such a system while also allowing for the creation of new elements or structures for each sanctuary locale. Currently, we recommend using Loomio for this purpose.


-Global Logistics To Eliminate Need

An application for global logistics could literally wipe hunger off the face of the planet. Once we create sanctuaries we would then be able to allow for each sanctuary to connect to a logistics network which would display needs, along with allowing for other sanctuaries to eliminate such needs by providing mutual-aid or resource-sharing.


-A New Global Currency

Individuals working to build sanctuaries will be able to generate a form of ‘crypt-currency’ by converting current monetary types into new crypto-currencies, which would allow for individuals to participate within new marketplace structures. Individuals would also be able to ‘cash out’ from their choice of crypto-currency and convert it back into monetary types used in non-sanctuary areas, as desired. Individuals will be able to interact with the evolution of our new operating system and applications while we work to phase out and eliminate the need for a monetary-based system overall. Our eventual goal is to inspire the development of a new type of mutual-aid and resource-based sharing economy, if not a gift economy.


-A New Global Marketplace

Our sanctuaries will be able to create and disperse products using our new logistical system to either help sustain other sanctuaries through the use of mutual aid, or offer suggestive pricing in order to help fulfill the needs of an individual’s own or other sanctuary locations. Suggestive prices would help continue the building of sanctuaries while utilizing ‘crypto-currencies’ so as to support the efforts of the creators of goods and services. This would allow individuals to control their own market places and decide how best to effectively the goods and services placed within the market.