Our Projects



The Sweet Om Alabama Kitchen provides hundreds – sometimes thousands – of delicious meals, fresh coffee, and snacks at Rainbow Family Gatherings, festivals, and wherever else needed. All of the food, snacks, coffee, and drinks served are donated from kind souls from within our collective community.

The Sweet Om Alabama Kitchen has been around for quite a while. The first time the kitchen was set up at an annual Rainbow Family Gathering was at the 1995 gathering in New Mexico. The kitchen has grown and morphed over the years in many different ways. One of the kitchen’s main sources of energy was River Man who passed away in 2014. Today the kitchen continues by utilizing the power of the community made by those who exerted their efforts in the past.


The Red Nose Revolution is a community-driven movement that is empowered by fearlessly playing and being silly whilst living life within very serious world. By using our collective silliness to become friends with as many people as we possibly can, we can then make a change in the fact that we make a beautiful impact upon the world.

Indubitably joyous – we are still very much a revolutionary movement – while we let our guards down in silliness, the seriousness of our work should be noted. All of our continued efforts are dedicated to furthering our own and various other humanitarian efforts. All of the proceeds from the sales of our noses and other clown SWAG is, in turn, matched by Be The Change Charities – which is then distributed for global humanitarian clowning ventures with Dr. Patch Adams of the Gesundheit Institute.


A satellite sanctuary will be a mobile educational hub, consisting of an area to distribute information along with a sheltered space to host events, teach-ins, and retreats. These satellite sanctuaries will be used to fulfill a diverse range of purposes, for instance, in the event of a massive need for mutual aid, satellite sanctuaries can mobilize to provide relief.


To continue providing to the revolution, the satellite sanctuaries will also be able to provide refuge and safety to direct actions and other diverse groups throughout their tours. Satellite sanctuaries can effectively be used to provide support for blockade events, large marches, occupations, and other types of tactical protests. The satellite sanctuary teams will be equipped and have individuals along to provide alternative-media support along with street-aid, and other resources.


Intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, personal and cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution. Our overall goal is to create a culture of individuals that remain engaged and connected with both their local and global communities.


Our primary focus will be upon the creation of a ‘Sanctuary For Humanity’ in order to provide a physical space for collective members to live. We will also invite other existing intentional communities to use the same innovative tools that we will be using in order to continue create sanctuaries globally.


Sanctuaries will not only implement the newer innovations that we introduce, but they will also incorporate other well known practices to sustainably provide for the needs of those that live both in and near a sanctuary. We want to help support the communities around each sanctuary by educating individuals to be self-actualized, sustainable individuals.


Eventually, we will introduce neighboring communities to our direct-democracy based system and advocate for our neighbors to become a part of Paper Revolution’s sanctuary project. As we group together we will work to build up the resources and relationships needed to make a community a success, while establishing the foundations of what will become the Paper Revolution Sanctuary for Humanity.