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Support The Sweet Om Alabama Kitchen


Support your community kitchen and our work during our 2017 season!

The Sweet Om Alabama Kitchen provides hundreds – sometimes thousands – of delicious meals, fresh coffee, and snacks at Rainbow Family Gatherings, festivals, and wherever else needed. All of the food, snacks, coffee, and drinks served are donated from kind souls from within our collective community.

The Sweet Om Alabama Kitchen has been around for quite a while. The first time the kitchen was set up at an annual Rainbow Family Gathering was at the 1995 gathering in New Mexico. The kitchen has grown and morphed over the years in many different ways. One of the kitchen’s main sources of energy was River Man who passed away in 2014.

In 2012 the kitchen took to Wookiefoot’s ‘Project Earth’ at Minnesota’s Harmony Park. This was the first time in our history that our free kitchen was set up at a commercial event. At first the kitchen did not serve meals until the event was completed in order to feed the volunteer crews so that the kitchen did not take away potential business from the paying food vendors.

After being overwhelmed by the love and acceptance of the kitchen, we have been invited back to Harmony Park and have become somewhat of a fixture within their community. The Sweet Om Kitchen has been 100% free. What we do is show up with our gear, tarps, and direction – the family contributes the food, money to buy food, money for additional supplies and resources, along with the help it takes to make the kitchen happen.

None of our efforts would be possible without the love and generosity of our collective family.

100% of our contributions will be used solely for the kitchen in order to purchase food, supplies, and the cost of fuel to get the kitchen to its intended destinations.

For more information or to get involved join us:

Sweet Om Alabama Community Kitchen (Webpage)
Sweet Om Alabama Community Kitchen (Facebook)