Support Our Satellite Sanctuary


Paper Revolution helps coordinate and organize events around the world. We also spend a lot of time distributing information to the masses. A satellite sanctuary will be a mobile educational hub, infoshop, and base for mutual aid and support, to be equipped with a sheltered space to host events, teach-ins, workshops, and retreats. These satellite sanctuaries will also be used to fulfill a diverse range of other purposes as they can mobilize to help provide relief efforts in the event of a disaster or other emergency.


Our endgame for the satellite sanctuaries will be to educate interested individuals and communities to the sanctuary structure. We hope that our satellite sanctuary will become self-sustaining through donations and community support. Those working within our ‘satellite structure’ will become ambassadors for the ideology behind our ‘Sanctuary for Humanity’.


Our crew will learn how to organize, mobilize, and provide relief to those in need while being a part of a diverse roving community. Those participating within the satellites will be able to tour with the sanctuary until they find a sanctuary of their choice for refuge in our alternative lifestyle.


To continue providing for the revolution the satellite sanctuaries will provide refuge and safety to direct actions throughout their tours. Satellite sanctuaries can effectively be used to provide support for blockade events, marches, occupations, and other types of tactical protests along with the ability to cook and distribute food relief as needed. We hope to equip our teams with the ability to provide alt-media support along with other forms of street aid and resources to sustain actions and events.


For more about our Satellite Sanctuary & our Sanctuary for Humanity check out our sanctuary page.


Financial support from this campaign will be used for things such as equipment and setup costs, fuel costs, vehicle repairs and maintenance (if required), literature and other distributional provisions, food and other dietary needs, shelter expenses, medical supplies,  communication needs, and other various expenses in relation to our efforts.


We would not be able to bring ideas such as this to life without the generosity of our collective family. Please consider donating what you can and/or sharing this post in order to further support our collective!