Support Our Sanctuary For Humanity

Intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, personal and cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution. Our overall goal is to create a culture of individuals that remain engaged and connected with both their local and global communities.

Our primary focus with this campaign is the creation of a ‘Sanctuary For Humanity’ in order to provide a physical space for collective members to live or visit. We will also invite other existing intentional communities to use the same innovative tools that we will be using in order to continue create sanctuaries globally.

Our sanctuaries will not only implement the newer innovations that we introduce, but they will also incorporate other well known practices to sustainably provide for the needs of those that live both in and near a sanctuary. We want to help support the communities around each sanctuary by educating individuals to be self-actualized, sustainable individuals. Our sanctuaries will also provide habitat and space for our neglected or otherwise in-need animal companions as we will maintain efforts to restore dignity to our extended family of earthlings.

As we group together we will work to build up the resources and relationships needed to make a community a success, while establishing the foundations of what will become Paper Revolution’s Sanctuary for Humanity.

We are hoping to our first sanctuary for humanity – whereas we may restore and create a healthy habitat upon the grounds of the sanctuary while still being able to provide aid, education, & wellness to those within the confines of the urban community environment. Funds generated from this campaign will be used for eventual land acquisition, equipment and supplies, and the costs for the construction of our collective’s first interpretive center.

For more information about this project, see our proposal for sanctuary for humanity our sanctuary page.