Support The Paper Revolution Collective


The proceeds raised through this campaign will be used to help support the needs of the Paper Revolution Collective. Our goal is to continue to develop our initiatives without a focus upon revenue, therefore we are engaged in utilizing our own promoted tactic of accepting mutual aid to cover the collective’s operating expenses. The proceeds raise here will help in supporting Paper Revolution and our collective members with various online and offline projects.

If you are moved by our initiatives or appreciate the tools & resources that we are working to provide please consider sending your support our way. The funds raised from this campaign will directly support our continued outreach and operation efforts. We will first allocate funds to alleviate our volunteers of the operational costs of our website. We will then use additional donations for both website and organizational development.


While our volunteer operations vary in cost, we are currently and most imminently in need of acquiring a Secure Socket Layer [SSL] CERTIFICATE for our website operations. We are wanting to be able to provide a more secure experience for all of you who consider yourselves a part of our wonderful – and most empowered – collective as we continue to curate and distribute revolutionary content.

In these times of mass surveillance and censorship it is peril that we protect the data of our 251,619 annual international website visitors. A SSL certificate will allow us to provide expanded website features and tools for activism.

We need to raise some monetary funds to cover our costs of operation and the implementation of an SSL certificate. We understand that this is asking a lot out of our community… to put it simply, the added annual costs for obtaining such technology would otherwise drain the pockets of our volunteers who work to continue to provide our international community with our many resources.

Any additional funds received will be used for continued operation costs along with the expansion of available resources for our collective community.