Collective Action

Paper Revolution is a decentralized collective composing of various cells which act independently in pursuit of a freer and more joyous world. Together, we help coordinate and organize events around the planet to inspire change.

Inspiring Humanity

Our revolutionaries educate communities and promote initiatives that restore humanity, health, and human dignity into our world while exposing and eliminating corruption through the teachings of self-actualization.

Restoring Dignity

Through volunteer action and commitment toward influencing social evolution for the better, our collective comes together with the energy of positive change to provide mutual aid and restore the dignity to those in need.

Causes We Support

Our decentralized collective has an expansive reach as we have been able to connect and become a part of various network collectives. We continue to work and maintain the bonds that we have built with those that have come before us or stand next to us. We look forward to discovering and building with those that we will find along the way.

About Paper Revolution

History is not something that happens to people — it is the activity of people. In every moment, in every decision and gesture, we make our culture, our life stories, our world, whether we take responsibility for this ourselves or ascribe this power to executives, politicians, pop stars, economic systems, or deities. Paper Revolution is one of many manifestations of an underground network through which we work to realize our dreams. Together we will work to take the reins of our lives and make our history rather than using the same energy to insist we are being made by it.
  • 2013

    Organizing Against Corruption

    Members of the Paper Revolution collective had a role in organizing the first global March Against Corruption. We continue to support and play an active role within this movement today.

  • 2012

    Our Establishment

    Members of the Paper Revolution collective went online to establish a community forum and website dedicated to our own radical purpose.

  • 2011

    Our First Gatherings

    Members of the Paper Revolution collective first grouped together during the Occupy Wall Street gatherings in autumn of 2011.

The Proposal

Paper Revolution is social origami, much like paper – the society in which we live is as we make of it. Together, we can fold the corners to create something new – something better. It is our hopes to continue to unite people to instill humanity and human dignity into the world once again. We will accomplish this by raising awareness, educating individuals to become self-actualized and proactive within their local communities, and by creating innovative ideas as a global collective.

An Open-Sourced Revolution

Throughout discussion we have realized that much of the corruption that has been caused within the systems that exist today stems from the involvement of representatives within those systems. While there is no way to ensure that representatives or authoritarians remain incorruptible, a solution to this would be to remove the current representative and authoritarian-based governances.

Effectively, we will eliminate corruption and inequality by creating a new economy using technology that already exists and creating new programs to suit the purpose of our needs. They will be open-sourced so as to be within the global public domain and to allow for project transparency. We are already starting to accumulate and list tools that we find handy.

Use the below tools and services to educate, inspire, and act for humanity.

Join The Continued Collective Social Experiment

Loomio is a collaborative decision-making tool that was built when activists from the Occupy movement teamed up with the social enterprise network Enspiral. Today we collectively utilize this tool to create new consensus-based approaches toward organizing and creating action. We also utilize Loomio to speak as a collective. If tools like Loomio are utilized correctly, we could effectively eliminate the need for representative-based governance and delete the corrupt elite.

Sanctuary for Humanity

Intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, personal and cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution. Our overall goal is to create a culture of individuals that remain engaged and connected with both their local and global communities.

Our primary focus will be upon the creation of a ‘Sanctuary For Humanity’ in order to provide a physical space for collective members to live. We will also invite other existing intentional communities to use the same innovative tools that we will be using in order to continue create sanctuaries globally.

Sanctuaries will not only implement the newer innovations that we introduce, but they will also incorporate other well known practices to sustainably provide for the needs of those that live both in and near a sanctuary. We want to help support the communities around each sanctuary by educating individuals to be self-actualized, sustainable individuals.

Eventually, we will introduce neighboring communities to our direct-democracy based system and advocate for our neighbors to become a part of Paper Revolution’s sanctuary project. As we group together we will work to build up the resources and relationships needed to make a community a success, while establishing the foundations of what will become the Paper Revolution Sanctuary for Humanity.

Satellite Sanctuaries

A satellite sanctuary will be a mobile educational hub, consisting of an area to distribute information along with a sheltered space to host events, teach-ins, and retreats. These satellite sanctuaries will be used to fulfill a diverse range of purposes, for instance, in the event of a massive need for mutual aid, satellite sanctuaries can mobilize to provide relief.

To continue providing to the revolution, the satellite sanctuaries will also provide refuge and safety to direct actions throughout their tours. Satellite sanctuaries can effectively be used to provide support for blockade events, large marches, occupations, and other types of tactical protests. The satellite sanctuary teams will be equipped and have individuals along to provide alternative-media support along with street-aid, and other resources.

Our Social Stream

Our conversation is constantly flowing online. Take a swim within our stream here or help us increase the flow by adding to the conversation via social media.

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